Liberating Wisdom

Fri 9th Nov to Sun 11th Nov • Durban
at June’s Pre-Primary School, Westville

Gen Pagpa will be teaching at the national event in November

During this special weekend event, Gen Kelsang Pagpa, the New Kadampa Tradition’s National Spiritual Director for South Africa, will give teachings on the nature of wisdom and grant the empowerment of Buddha Manjushri.

Manjushri is the Wisdom Buddha. With wisdom we can easily solve all our problems and free ourself and others from suffering permanently. If we lack wisdom, we will make many mistakes that will cause hardship and pain. Therefore, wisdom is our real inner wealth.

Everyone is welcome to attend this blessing empowerment to make a strong connection with the Wisdom Buddha and learn how wisdom can solve our own and others problems.


for more info, tel 031 266 0096 or email

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